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Securing the Border

Our wide-open border is in crisis, leading to criminal gangs and drugs pouring into Texas. I will work to address the immigration challenges by upholding the integrity of our border and ensuring a safe and orderly immigration process.

Standing With Law Enforcement

Our men and women in blue play an integral role in keeping our communities safe. We must provide them with the resources and support they need to protect our neighborhoods.


The pain you feel from high prices for groceries, healthcare and gas comes from out-of-control government spending. A $33 trillion national debt not only causes inflation, but also imperils our economy and imperils Social Security. I will bring fiscal discipline and common sense to Washington, D.C.


A robust and diversified energy sector is vital for both national security and economic prosperity. I am committed to advancing policies that promote domestic energy production to bring down gas prices at the pump.

Made in the USA

I am dedicated to revitalizing American manufacturing and promoting the “Made in the USA” ethos. Creating a strong domestic manufacturing base will produce more jobs for your family, while strengthening our economy and building a brighter future for all Americans.


Upholding our nation’s founding principles is something I do not take lightly. As an advocate for our constitutional rights, I believe the First and Second Amendments are the backbone of preserving our individual liberties.


I value the sanctity of human life from conception to end. I will defend the rights and dignity of the unborn, promote a culture of life, and ensure that every voice, including the most vulnerable, is heard and respected.


Every child has the right to receive a quality education, and that should not be limited by their family’s tax bracket. Empowering parents with educational options for their children will create educational freedom for each student.