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Darrell Day is the principled problem solver that Congressional District 32 desperately needs.

As a successful small business owner for 25 years, Darrell is committed to uncovering the facts of the issues and delivering effective solutions that work for everyday Americans.

Grounded in his roles as a business leader, husband, father and grandfather, Darrell has a passion for service.

A proven leader, Darrell has previously taken on roles as a Precinct Chair, Election Judge and Arlington City Councilman. These diverse experiences have equipped him with insights needed to navigate the complex landscape of Congress and deliver results for his fellow Texans.

Darrell stands on honesty and a commitment to delivering results in a field often marred by divisive rhetoric. He understands that his constituents desire more than just promises—they deserve action and accountability. Darrell’s history is one of stepping forward when it’s needed.  His candidacy represents a continuation of that legacy, a dedication to serving with integrity, common sense and a heart for helping the people he proudly represents.